Congratulations to one of our attorneys, James Helf

Congratulations to one of our attorneys, James Helf, who recently won a defense judgment in a lawsuit brought against his clients by the City of Plantation in a case that received extensive local and national media coverage in print, radio, and television. Mr. Helf represented homeowners in the City of Plantation who are widely known for a very large interactive Christmas display that they construct each year in the front yard of their home. The City of Plantation filed suit in which they sought to limit the size and nature of the display on the basis that the vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as the danger to the health, safety and welfare of the visitors to the display and neighboring public constituted a nuisance. In a four day trial involving very difficult and unfavorable facts and legal precedent for Mr. Helf’s clients, Mr. Helf successfully argued that the display did not create a danger to public safety or other nuisance, resulting in a defense judgment.