Attorney Jorge Cruz, a partner at Florida law firm Daniels, presents a seminar at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Fort Lauderdale Chapter.

The seminar was held May 15 at AIA’s Fort Lauderdale office,  It served to educate architects on Job Site Safety, which taught the Architects how to prevent being involved in litigation related to Job Site Safety issue.  The seminar also educated the attendees how to properly document the construction administration process.

Cruz says he appreciates the opportunity to present a seminar at AIA Fort Lauderdale because it gives his firm direct contact with and feedback from architects, which is the largest group of clients they represent. He also says that it enables them to better serve their clients in ways that help them prevent future litigation and be better prepared to defend themselves if the claim does come to litigation.

“The architects were very happy that during the seminar they were able to ask questions concerning specific claims against there firm and also able to discuss how to defend and prevent those claims.  The seminar also provided contact information for the attendees to Mr. Cruz in order to continue receiving feed back concerning Job Site Safety and others.

For more information, contact Jorge L. Cruz, P.E., Esq.